Grief and loss

Grief and loss therapy is a type of counselling that helps people cope with the emotional and psychological difficulties that come with the death of a loved one or other significant losses. It can involve various approaches such as cognitive-behavioural, mindfulness-based, and narrative therapy to help individuals process their grief, develop coping skills, and find meaning and purpose in their lives after the loss.


Grief and loss therapy is a specialized form of therapy that is designed to help individuals deal with the complex and often overwhelming emotions that accompany loss. The loss can be due to death, but it can also include other types, such as divorce, job loss, or the loss of a pet.

The therapy process usually begins with the therapist providing a safe and supportive environment for the individual to express their feelings and discuss their experiences. The therapist may also provide education on the grieving process and coping strategies and techniques to manage the intense emotions that can arise.

In addition to traditional talk therapy, some grief and loss therapists may incorporate other techniques, such as art therapy, music therapy, or body-centred therapies, to help individuals process their grief. The goal of grief and loss therapy is not to erase the pain of the loss but to help individuals navigate through it and find ways to integrate the experience into their lives in a meaningful way.